Prosopagnosia Research at Bournemouth University

In the Media


BBC1 South Today (Prosopagnosia: May 2018)

The Project Australia (Super-Recognizers: January 2018)

The One Show (Prosopagnosia: June 2016)

60 Minutes Australia (Super-Recognizers: April 2016)

BBC1 South Today (Super-Recognizers: February 2016)

ITV News (Super-Recognizers: December 2015 and January 2016)

CBBC My Life (Childhood prosopagnosia: April 2013)

ITV News (Prosopagnosia: November 2011)

BBC1 Inside Out South (Prosopagnosia: October 2011)



BBC World Service (Super-Recognizers: September 2018)

BBC Radio Solent (Prosopagnosia: May 2018)

BBC Radio Solent (Prosopagnosia: January 2018)

BC Radio 5 Live (Prosopagnosia: January 2018)

Talk Europe (Prosopagnosia: November 2017)

BBC World Service (Prosopagnosia: October 2016)

BBC Radio Scotland (Prosopagnosia: July 2016)

BBC Radio London (Prosopagnosia: July 2016)

BBC Radio 4 (Prosopagnosia: June 2016)

BBC Radio Cornwall (Prosopagnosia: June 2016)

Radio Solent (Super-Recognizers: February 2016)

BBC Radio 5 Live (Prosopagnosia: September 2014)

BBC Radio Wales (Prosopagnosia: September 2014)


National/International Press:

Independent (Super-Recognizers: September 2018)

Irish Independent (Super-Recognizers: June 2018)

Yours Magazine (Prosopagnosia: April 2018)

Guardian (Prosopagnosia: January 2018)

Times (Prosopagnosia: January 2018)

Prima (Prosopagnosia: August 2017)

Country Life Magazine (Prosopagnosia: August 2017)

Telegraph (Prosopagnosia: December 2016)

Daily Mail (Super-Recognizers: November 2016)

n-TV (Super-Recognizers:October 2016)

General Anzeiger (Super-Recognizers: October 2016)

China Daily (Super-Recognizers: October 2016)

Telegraph (Super-Recognizers: September 2016)

Australian Financial Review (Super-Recognizers: September 2016)

New Statesman (Super-Recognizers: August 2016)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Super-Recognizers: March 2016; Swiss national newspaper)

Country Life Magazine (Super-Recognizers: March 2016)

The Sun (Prosopagnosia: January 2016)

The Sun (Prosopagnosia: December 2015)

Independent (Super-Recognizers: November 2015)

Guardian (Prosopagnosia: October 2015)

Express (Prosopagnosia: June 2015)

Daily Times of Oman (Prosopagnosia: June 2015)

Daily Mail (Prosopagnosia: April 2015)

Express (Prosopagnosia: April 2015)

Sun (Prosopagnosia: June 2013)

Sun on Sunday: Fabulous Magazine (Prosopagnosia: May 2013)

Radio Times (Prosopagnosia: March 2013)

Telegraph (Prosopagnosia: March 2013)

Top of the Pops Magazine (Prosopagnosia: March 2013)

Sun (Prosopagnosia: October 2012)

Mirror (Prosopagnosia: October 2012)

Daily Mail (Prosopagnosia: October 2012)

Daily Mail (Prosopagnosia: September 2012)

Independent (Prosopagnosia: August 2012)

Guardian (Prosopagnosia: June 2011)


Professional/Specialist Oulets

Policing Insight (Super-Recognizers, November 2018)

Special Educational Needs (Prosopagnosia: March 2018)

College of Policing: Research Map (Super-Recognizers: August 2016)

College of Policing: What Works Centre for Crime Reduction (Super-Recognizers: August 2016)

Scientific American Mind Magazine (Super-Recognizers: February 2016)

British Psychological Society's Readers Digest (Super-Recognizers: November 2015)

New Scientist (Super-Recognizers: November 2015)

Business Watch Security Magazine (Super-Recognizers: November 2015)

Harvard Business Review (Prosopagnosia: August 2014)

Psychologist (Prosopagnosia: August 2014)

Research Fortnight (Prosopagnosia: July 2014)

Politics First (Prosopagnosia: April 2014)


Local Outlets

Bournemouth Echo (Prosopagnosia: March 2018)

Bournemouth Echo (Prosopagnosia: April 2016)

Bournemouth Echo (Super-Recognizers: February 2016)

Dorset Society Magazine (Prosopagnosia: August 2014)

Bournemouth Echo (Prosopagnosia: June 2014)

Southern Daily Echo (Prosopagnosia: October 2012)

Metro (Prosopagnosia: October 2012)



The Conversation (Super-Recognizers: October 2018)

Net Doctor (Prosopagnosia: August 2017)

News Week Europe (Super-Recognizers: November 2016)

IFL Science (Super-Recognizers: November 2016)

The Conversation (Super-Recognizers: November 2016)

Digital Trends (Super-Recognizers: August 2016)

BBC News (Prosopagnosia: June 2016)

Mental Floss (Super-Recognizers: February 2016)

Science Daily (Super-Recognizers: February 2016) (Super-Recognizers: November 2015)

Student Science Society (Prosopagnosia: November 2015)

IFL Science (Prosopagnosia: November 2015)

Research Alliance (Prosopagnosia: June 2015)

BT (Prosopagnosia: April 2015)

Doktersehat (Prosopagnosia: October 2014)

British Psychological Society (Prosopagnosia: June 2014)

British Psychological Society (Prosopagnosia: September 2013)

BioSpectrum (Prosopagnosia: September 2013)

Science Daily (Prosopagnosia: April 2013)

Terapiapsicologica (Prosopagnosia: April 2013)

Corriere (Prosopagnosia: October 2012)

Viva (Prosopagnosia: October 2012)

Taringa (Prosopagnosia: September 2012)

Hype Science (Prosopagnosia: September 2012)

Jawaban (Prosopagnosia: September 2012)

BBC News (Prosopagnosia: October 2011)

Publimetro (Prosopagnosia: October 2011)

BBC News (Prosopagnosia: April 2011)

In the media


Any new media enquiries should be directed to Bournemouth University's Press Office.