Prosopagnosia Research at Bournemouth University

Contribute Your Images to our Face Database

What is the purpose of this project?

The aim of this project is to create a new database of images of human faces. We are currently creating new more real-life face recognition tests, and existing face databases do not contain enough real-world images for this purpose. When the database is complete, the facial images will be used to create a new battery of computer-based tasks which assess an individual's ability to process and recognise faces. Specifically, we aim to create tasks which can reliably identify people who have prosopagnosia (also known as face-blindness: a disorder in which an individual is unable to recognise faces) or extraordinary face recognition skills ("super recognizers"). You can read more about both groups of people on the information pages on this website.

What does my participation involve?

When you have provided us with your consent (see below), you will see a screen that asks you to provide us with at least eight photographs of your face (and only of you, i.e., no other people should appear in the pictures). Five of the photographs should display you as an adult (age 18+), and do not worry if your facial appearance varies across these images (e.g. you may have make-up on in some images but not others, or your hairstyle may be different in each). It is fine for men to be clean shaven in some images, but have facial hair in others. We would also like one photograph to display you as a baby (0-2 years of age), one as a child (4-10 years of age), and one as a teenager (13-17 years of age). If you cannot find a photograph of yourself from one of these age ranges you can still take part - please upload an alternative image in that slot and simply type the age that you were in that image. We would appreciate high quality images whenever possible, but accept that the childhood photographs of many people will not be in a digitalized format: you can simply take a photograph of a hard copy photograph in this instance. Acceptable formats for upload are: jpg and png.

Who will have access to my information?

This database and the battery of tests which we create using the stimuli collected in this project, will be made available to face recognition researchers by request. The battery may become a ‘standard’ battery of tasks used in the literature. The database and the tasks may be made available online, but the original images will not be available for general access. Your stimuli will be protected under the terms of an Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons License. For more information, please see In sum, this license states that other people may adapt the work, but must not be for commercial purposes, and they must acknowledge us when they use our work (your images). Apart from the photographs, no other information about you will be available to anyone else. Your images may be manipulated in future studies. Further, some of the images may be published in peer-reviewed journals as sample stimuli, but you do not have to agree for your images to be used for this purpose. If you prefer for your images not to be included in potential publications, DO NOT check the relevant box on the consent form below.

Questions and Consent

If you have any immediate questions about the project, please email Ebony Murray ([email protected]). You can also ask questions after you have submitted your images. If you are happy to participate in this project, please check the boxes against the statements below.

If you have any further questions about this activity please contact the researcher, Ebony Murray, on [email protected] Alternatively, Ms Murray’s supervisor, Dr Sarah Bate, can be contacted on [email protected]

In the event of a complaint, you may contact the researchers directly, or Professor Keith Phalp (Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Bournemouth University) on [email protected] Professor Phelp does not have any direct involvement with this research.

Next Steps

Please enter your email address to have the information emailed directly to you (your email address will not be stored and therefore will not be used for any other purpose):

By clicking "continue" below, you are giving us your full consent to use your images as specified above. You will proceed to the image upload screen. Once your images have been uploaded, you will have the opportunity to enter your email address if you wish to be entered into our prize draw. We will randomly select ten winners on 30th April 2018, who will each be awarded a £50 Amazon voucher. After an initial check that appropriate images have been uploaded, email addresses entered through this facility will be stored independently of the images themselves, and will be deleted immediately after the prize draw is complete.